CCGA Dummy Components

About TopLine

TopLine manufactures a wide range of daisy chain CCGA packages, columns and tools to attach columns to LGA packages. TopLine was founded in 1989.

CCGA (Also called CGA - Column Grid Array)

Solder columns are compliant and will absorb stress caused by CTE mismatch between large ceramic CCGA substrates (module) and the FR4 (polyimide) PCB board. CCGA packages are more reliable than BGA Ball Grid Arrays. CCGA packages can withstand stress, shock and harsh operating environments. Solder columns can also be attached to plastic packages to extend operating life.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain is used to detect the onset of failures in CCGA package. In normal conditions, daisy chain circuits have low ohms resistance measured at test points on the PCB board. After the test vehicle PCB board is subjected to harsh conditions, such as vibrating and temperature cycling, an open circuit (or significant change in resistance) will indicate a failure. Typical failures are caused by a poor solder joint at the pads or a broken column.

Column Attachment Tools

TopLine manufactures column attachment tools so you can attach columns to CCGA packages in your own facility.


ECCN: EAR99 Export Administration Regulations.
HS Code: 8542.90.0000
Electronic Integrated Circuits and Microassembly Parts
ITAR: TopLine's daisy chain CCGA, columns and tools are not ITAR restricted.


TopLine ships products worldwide. Contact an authorized TopLine distributor to assist you. We ship via UPS,FedEx, DHL or your specified courier.

Solder Columns

TopLine manufactures many types of solder columns to comply with a full range of applications including original version Pb80/Sn20 copper wrap and Pb90/Sn10 plain columns. TopLine also makes new type columns with low thermal resistance for better heat dissipation. We also have pre-plated Pb90/Sn10 columns for better wetting during fillet creation.

Micro-coil Springs

TopLine makes a new type of interconnect that was invented by engineers at NASA for applications requiring long term survivability. Micro-coil Springs have been tested in the lab to absorb 50,000G shock. NASA granted an exclusive license to TopLine under U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/800,692 entitled Interconnect Device and Assemblies.

Pin-Pack TM

Pre-loaded cassettes with solder columns allows quick attachment. The column matrix of Pin-PackTM matches the array of your package. Columns are held in place by adhesive tacky tape. Just peel off the tacky tape, and the columns gently load into the column attachment tools without vibration or vacuum. The empty Pin-Pack shell can be used as a carrier to protect the CCGA package during storage or transport. Patent Pending.