YINCAE had chosen ATOO Electronics to distribute its products in Europe.

It is recognized worldwide U.S. company leader in the development of advanced micro-electronic grade materials used in the advanced electronics and microelectronics industries.

YINCAE is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings, underfill materials and encapsulants to improve product life and productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs.

In fact, electronic components and PCB assemblies are subject to greater and greater mechanical stress. They work in aggressive environments, humidity and vibrations and that require an adapted implementation to ensure reliability and quality.


Production Line
www.atoo-electronics.com/documents/Ligne Produits.pdf  

Solder joint encapsules 
www.atoo-electronics.com/documents/Encapsulation des joints soudure.pdf


Attach adhesives
www.atoo-electronics.com/documents/Colle conductrice.pdf

Automotive solutions
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