Scope of application

Is concernedby these provisionsanysite userAtooelectronicswhetherregistered ornotoruser receivingan emailSiteAtoo-electronicsregardless of the countryin which it residesandbrowsing.
A user may bea legal or naturalperson.
Atooelectronicsmeans thewebsiteand thesite publisher.
TheAtooElectronicswebsite is subject toFrench law.
These termsof use maychange without notice.The user agreesto read them,accept themand keepthemselvesinformed ofchanges.

Website content

Atoo Electronics endeavors to ensure the accuracy and updating of information available on the site. For this reason, the site editor reserves the right to make any correction or deletion at any time, without notice. Atoo Electronics attaches special attention to the photographs of the products to be as faithful as possible and no errors are committed. Nevertheless, a difference of perception or errors are always possible. Atoo Electronics disclaims any liability for any delay, error or omission on the site and the use that could be made by anyone and in the event of interruption or unavailability of service. Electronics Atoo draws attention to the fact that it is for everyone to be vigilant when browsing the internet: the sender verification of an email, website disconnection after use etc ... Atoo Electronics can not be held responsible for consequential damages such as, but not limited to, losses arising from transactions made on the basis of information, profit losses, business losses, losses from interruption of service, increased costs of access and information processing. Atoo Electronics can not be held responsible for factors beyond their control and any damage that may be suffered by your technical environment, including your computers, software, network equipment (modems, telephones ...) and any equipment used to access the service Site Atoo Electronics. Anyone wishing to obtain a service must contact Atoo Electronics to inquire about the availability of the service or product in question as well as contractual terms and rates that apply to it.


AtooElectronicsis protectedby international lawconcerning intellectualand artistic property(copyrightmust).This appliesnot onlyto the logobut also tothe entire site: presentation, script,graphics,data, imagesetc ...
Some content(text, images) arethe property of theirauthors (logos ofcompanies, offers...)
Reproductions,even partialdata recovery, the use offrames,retransmissionsare prohibited andexpose theperpetratorsorto civil andcriminal prosecution.

AtooElectronics isa registered trademark.Any useof the name andlogowithout prior permissionis prohibited.


AtooElectronicscan not be heldresponsible for hypertextlinks to partnersand theircontent onthe site.These partnershave theirterms and conditionsofuse and saleof their own.

Personal data

To achieve itssales targetand processingcustomerorders,AtooElectronicsneed to collectdataon.You canaccess youraccountusing thelogin credentialstochange the content.Youmay request deletionof your informationby contacting us.

The collected data canalso beused to keep youinformed ofoffers,andof the site.They can alsobe used to establishyour connection,the security ofyour connectionand allowyou tonavigate thesite.

For technical reasons,AtooElectronicsis broughttoinstall cookies.Thesecookiesare usedto ensure propernavigation andto maintain yourconnectionto the site.

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Freedom of Information Act / correction / error / delete account

At any time, the user has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data (Article 34 of the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978). It is up to the user to update the data concerning him using the login and password provided at the time of registration. Private access allows him to modify all of its data. The user can also send a message through the contact form indicating precisely the data to change.
The user can at any time request the deletion of data concerning them.
It is for the user to immediately inform the site Atoo electronics when it finds an error and provide their credentials and contact information. More broadly, it belongs to any user, registered or not the site of the Stadium Atoo electronics when it finds an error or any publication contrary to law and / or these conditions of use.
It is up to the user to keep his password safe. Atoo electronics can not be held responsible for theft of identifiers. Similarly, Atoo electronics can not verify the identity of the person registering and therefore can not be responsible for identity theft.
It is up to the user to ensure sign off the site after use and eventually delete the browsing history in their browser.
Atoo electronics produces no spam. As part of its business, Atoo electronics is brought to contact customers where affiliates to offer them to open an account on the site (prospecting). Similarly, registered buyers and affiliates agree to receive emails from Atoo electronics.
Anyone wishing to stop receiving messages from site Atoo electronics must properly send e-mail using the contact form.

Log files

Under Decree No. 2006-358 of 24 March 2006 on data retention of electronic communications, log files (log) shall be kept for 1 year. These files can only be disclosed at the request of the authority of law.