Bonding Wire


About Tanaka 

Tanaka is the world's premier manufacturer of bonding wire to wire in a range of diameters from 15um the semiconductor industry. Tanaka offers a full range of Gold specialty applications including stable (Au), Silver (Ag), Aluminum (Al), bare Copper (Cu) and fine-pitch, super low loop and high reliability Palladium Coated Copper (PCC) covering all applications of Also 2N Au alloy and 4N Au bumping wire. wedge, ball and bump bonding. 

Cu Copper Alloy Wire

High reliability copper alloy bonding wire provides wider second bond process window and lower resistivity than bare copper. Softer FAB and higher bond reliability after aging 2000 hours. 

Al-1% Si - Aluminum Wire

Small diameter Al-1% Si wire in diameters ranging from 18um to 80um. Good corrosion resistance. Uniform distribution of Si and stable mechanical properties. 

Ribbon Wire

Flat aluminum (Al) and Gold (Au) is available for power device applications. Excellent corrosion resistance and satisfactory surface smoothness.

Au Gold Wire

4N gold bonding wire in a range of diameters from 15um to 50um. Many specialty applications including stable stitch, fine-pitch, super low loop and high reliability applications. Also 2N Au alloy and 4N Au bumping wire. Special series is available for high performance wedge bonding. 

PCC - Pd Coated Copper 

Palladium coated Cu wire (PCC) is easier to bond than bare copper wire. The palladium (Pd) coating provides high performance and stable bonding with a wide process window. Wire bonding equipment requires grounding. Diameter 15um to 70um. 

Cu Pure Bare Copper Wire

Provides stable wire bonding performance due to preeminent Tanaka quality control system and wire manufacturing experience. Excellent stitch bond-ability and wide bonding parameter window. Stable continuous bond-ability. 

Al Power Aluminum Wire 

Large diameter aluminum (Al) wire for high power applications. Diameters range from 100um to 500um. Contact us for special needs.