Board Level assembly          


This series contains one of our most popular products - SMT 256 and SMT 266, the world's first solder joint encapsulant. This series has been designed to enhance product reliability and eliminate solder joint cracking for CSP, BGA, flip chips, and PoP (package on package), particularly for lead-free applications. The adhesives we have available, remove metal oxide to provide our customers with a stronger product. Our solder joint encapsulants allow a 3-D polymer network to form and encapsulate individual solder joints. Our board level assembly materials have many benefits for our customers.

• Enhances Solder Joint Strength 5 - 10x
• High Cost Reduction
• Eliminates Underfill
• Improves Process Yield
• Higher Throughput

These materials are easily dispensed, minimize induced stresses, provide outstanding reliability performance, and excellent mechanical resistance. At
YINCAE, we strive to go above and beyond to meet our customers' individual needs. Several of our products give consumers the option to batch cure or cure in-line, giving them the power to designate cure time. We also offer a broad range of colors, filler concentrations, and particle sizes for this series to cater to specific needs and requirements.


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