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  • Strip feeder tray

    Strip feeder tray base plate for max.11 x 8mm tape strips.

    ESD safe.

    Fits all machines.

    Enables the use of small quantities of components on a Pick&Place machine.

    Same size as JEDEC tray holds strips of 300mm.

    Add supports (ref. A05000002): available in 8, 13 and 19mm.

  • Support for thick strips

    Support for strip feeder tray (ref: A05000001). We propose different sizes: from 8mm to 19mm.

    Strip feeder tray fits all machines.
    It enables the use of small quantities of components on a Pick&Place machine.
    Same size as JEDEC Tray holds strips of 300mm (exact same size as a Jedec specified tray).

  • Depanelizer MAESTRO 2

    Manual card separator.

    Model for small series.

    The printed circuits are pushed into the circular cutter and separated.

  • Depanelizer machine MAESTRO...

    MAESTRO 2M separates without constraint of larger series, particularly suitable for cards with high density of components or fine banks.

    The lower blade is motorized.

    The PCB is introduced, grasped by the circular blade then transported and separated.

    3 speeds are adjustable

  • Upper blade for MAESTRO 2/2M

    Upper blade for MAESTRO 2/2M

    Diameter 125 mm 

  • Lower blade for MAESTRO 2/2M

    Lower blade for MAESTRO 2/2M

    Diameter 125 mm 

  • SMD Solder Paste Trial...

    A4 sheet (can be cut to the desired size) for testing on the screen printing machine when setting up the assembly of a new printed circuit board.

    The side of the sheet to be applied to the card is adhesive.

    Provides a clear view of the solder paste on the transparent sheet.

    Avoids cleaning the card and leaving no residue.

  • SMD Trial Placement Foil

    A4 sheet (can be cut to size) to test the pick-and-place when setting up the machine for a new PCB.

    The sheet is double-sided adhesive.

    After removing the film without leaving any residue, the components and the PCB can be reused.

    Allows an optical inspection and, if necessary, correction of the pick-and-place machine.

  • PCB Tray Flat

    Tray flat large for printed circuits

    Flat shape with handles

    Large format: dimensions 484x175x50mm

    Black color

  • PCB Tray Large

    Type L board for printed circuits

    Large format: dimensions 355x270x130mm

    Black color

  • PCB Tray Small

    Type L board for printed circuits

    Small format: dimensions 256x205x95mm

    Black color

  • Universal QFP tool

    Universal QFP tool from Topline, enables you to rework and align bent pins on all sizes QFP and TQFP with pitch 0.4mm to 1.0mm. Durable metal template includes 46 different QFP patterns.

    Template is constructed of heavy-duty conductive 50 mil (1.27mm) thick stainless steel with 5 mil deep etched recessed patterns.

    ESD safe & Pb-Free RoHS.