Wire bonding


Tanaka provides a wide range of high performance, high quality wire bonding products that are recognised throughout the world.

Catalog Wire Bonding

What is wire bonding?

Wire bonding is used to electrically connect aluminium electrodes (the connection terminals on IC chips such as LSIs and transistors) with lead electrodes for external connections. Bonding wires are included in most semiconductor devices used on earth.

As semiconductor devices become smaller, wire diameters also become thinner. Currently, traditional bonding wires are between 15 and 25 µm in diameter, one-third that of human hair, with diameters ranging from 70 to 100 µm.


Tanaka is the world's leading manufacturer of wire bonding for the semiconductor industry. Tanaka offers a comprehensive range of gold (Au), silver (Ag), aluminium (Al),  copper (Cu) and palladium coated copper (PCC) covering all wedge, ball and bump bonding applications.

Also for gold and aluminium flat ribbon, high performance in RF modules and power supply applications can be observed.

Ag - Silver Alloy Wire Silver alloy (Ag) wire offers reduced cost compared to gold. High reflectivity in a short wavelength range. Diameter 15um to 30um.
Cu - Copper Alloy Wire  High reliability copper alloy bonding wire offers a wider second bond process window and lower resistivity than bare copper.
Al-1% Si - Aluminum Wire Small diameter wire from 18 µm to 80 µm. Good corrosion resistance. Uniform Si distribution and stable mechanical properties.
Ribbon Wire  Aluminium (Al) and flat gold (Au) are available for power device applications. Excellent corrosion resistance and surface finish.
Au - Gold Wire  4N gold bonding wire in a range of diameters from 15um to 50um. Many specialist applications including stable point, fine pitch, very low loop and high reliability applications. Also in 2N Au alloy and 4N Au shock wire. Special series are available for high performance wedge bonding.
PCC - Palladium coated Cu wire  Palladium coated copper wire (PCC) is easier to bond than bare copper wire. Palladium (Pd) coating offers high performance and stable bonding with a wide processing window. Wire connection equipment requires grounding. Diameter 15um to 70um.
Cu - Pure Bare Copper Wire  Provides stable wire bonding performance through Tanaka's pre-eminent quality control system and wire manufacturing experience. Excellent spot bonding capability and wide window of bonding parameters. Stable continuous bonding capability.
Al - Power Aluminum Wire  Large diameter aluminium (Al) wire for high power applications. Diameters range from 100 µm to 500 µm.