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  • Antifatigue Mat ESD

    ESD anti-fatigue rubber floor mat.

    Designed to reduce the fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface (for example with cement floors).

    Dimensions: 150cm x 90 cm x thickness 2 cm

    Upper material: antistatic PVC

    Ground loop

    Rounded edges at the four corners of the mat.

  • Press stud

    Push button suitable for ESD mats.

    1MΩ resistor

    Pack 100 units

  • ESD table kit

    ESD table mat kit with several products included:

    - ESD table mat (two sizes available, choose your dimensions from the drop-down list);

    - Adjustable ESD bracelet set;

    - Grounding cord and 4 male studs;

    - Earthing socket (1x10 mm + 2x4 mm).

    ESD mat thickness: 2mm

    eat resistant rubber mat, 2 layers.

    Structured and professional quality.

  • Antistatic mat and table...

    Antistatic cleaner for ESD table mats and table tops.

    500 ml aerosol.

    Special cleaning agent for cleaning and maintaining ESD table tops.

    Helps to prevent deterioration of materials.

  • Portable surface...

    Designed to measure the resistivity and resistance to ground of mats, workbenches, floors and other components of an ESD controlled area.

    Without the grounding connection, it measures the surface resistivity. With the grounding cord connected, it measures the resistance to the ground.

  • PCB Tray Small

    Type L board for printed circuits

    Small format: dimensions 256x205x95mm

    Black color

  • PCB Tray Large

    Type L board for printed circuits

    Large format: dimensions 355x270x130mm

    Black color

  • PCB Tray Flat

    Tray flat large for printed circuits

    Flat shape with handles

    Large format: dimensions 484x175x50mm

    Black color

  • ESD table mat

    Table mats: blue, grey, green.

    1,20m x 10m x 2mm

    Two layers, material: synthetic rubber.

    Upper layer: dissipative (colored, matt surface)

    Lower layer: conductive (black)

    Electrostatic decay: from 5000 V to zero < 0,05 sec

  • Comfort ESD chair

    This ESD chair is comfortable and adjustable according to the needs of the person.

    Designed with high quality conductive fabric.

    The chair has 5 feet in chromed steel, guarantees great stability and elimination of electrostatic charges.

    This chair can be fitted with conductive wheels or sliding glides, as well as additional accessories.

    Sold without accessories

  • ESD chair superior 2

    Ergonomic ESD model with a very comfortable seat covered with high quality conductive fabric.

    Adjustable according to the person.

    Equipped with a 5-foot aluminum base and castors coated with conductive rubber, preventing scratches on the floor.

    Can be fitted with conductive wheels or sliding shoes, as well as additional accessories.

    Sold without accessories

  • ESD chair superior 1

    An high quality ergonomic chair characterized with comfortably seat and covered by conductive polyurethane.

    Profiled backrest and seat have height and angle adjustment possibilities thanks to a gas column and synchro mechanism. In standard, chair is equipped with a 5 branch aluminium ESD base for high stability. Castors coated with conductive rubber preventing scratching of the floor.

    Sold without accessories