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  • Kapton polyimide standard

    Masking of the cards before wave soldering, maintenance of thermocouples during the production of thermal profiles, electrical insulation for the transformer, motor, coil, capacitor etc.

    Temperature: -60 ° to 280 ° C Length: 33M

    Width: 3 to 50mm as standard (other dimensions or formats available on request)

    ESD: NO

    Color: amber

  • ESD brush B3

    ESD hard coat brush

    Size XS

    3 straight hair lines


    Total length: 17 cm

    Length bristle tuft: 1.7 cm

    Total width: 1.3 cm

    Bristle tuft width: 1 cm

    Bristle tuft length: 5.8 cm

    Handle thickness: 1.1 cm

  • Preheater PACE

    Preheater Pace for the most thermally challenging PCBs


    - closed-loop temperature controlled,

    - touch screen display,

    - 4 robust IR heating elements provide 1600W of power,

    - no emission visible IR light.

    Its advantage? The lowest working height on the market which allows a better comfort for the user of this product.

  • Microcare Alcohol-Enhanced...

    The wipes remove any type of solder paste including rosin, OA, synthetics, lead-free and “no-cleans” plus grime, fingerprints, dust and other residues.

    Box 100 wipes (20,3cm*12,7cm)

    The wipe itself is an ultra-pure, high-strength polyester fabric (not paper) that will not leave lint or residues on the stencils.

    Don’t contain water

    Excellent on lead-free pastes

    Non-corrosive & ESD safe

  • TEVISIO lamp ESD Waldmann

    ESD Waldmann lamp

    Maintenance-free LED technology

    Powerful and homogeneous lighting covering a large area

    Good visibility of contrasts and excellent color rendering

    Robust aluminum housing

    Anti-scratch glass magnifier, optional, anti-reflective or with additional lens

    Very wide control field

    Nearly x2 magnification

    Movable and balanced articulated arm

    Available in UV version (see video below).

  • Splice tool SMSTL-10

    Splicing pliers for clips with unit supply.

    Splice tool for splice clip with unit supply (splice clip brass ref : SMS0600C, splice clip steel ref: SMS0601C).

    Splice clip brass SMS0600C are available here

  • Cover tape extender 50µ

    The SMT cover tape extender minimizes electronic component waste by giving you 396 or 500 mm of non-adhesive film to start through the tape feeder when loading already used component reels.

    The cover tape extender 50µ is fixed to the strip end, before putting it on the feeder.

    It is an alternative to splicing, suitable solution for small and medium production.

  • ESD tape dispenser

    Large antistatic desktop tape dispenser

    Color: black

    Tape width: 25mm maximum

    Core: 75mm

  • Tweezers 2-SA

    Tweezers high precision 120mm flat.
    Fine and pointed tips. 

    Made of stainless steel, anti-magnetic and acid resistant.

  • Antifatigue Mat ESD

    ESD anti-fatigue rubber floor mat.

    Designed to reduce the fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface (for example with cement floors).

    Dimensions: 150cm x 90 cm x thickness 2 cm

    Upper material: antistatic PVC

    Ground loop

    Rounded edges at the four corners of the mat.

  • Rolls DEK

    DEK Hyperclean Roll - Ø20mm

    New stencil cleaning non-woven paper made of polypropylene with longer fibers, manufactured by heat-sealing without chemical ingredients and with excellent features.

    Carton x40

  • Garment ESD TH55

    ESD TH55 garment for men and women, smoke 2/3 length

    Static dissipative fabric (Carbon loaded yarns in 5 mm grid).

    Resistant to creasing, workwear

    Colors: White (W), Light blue (LB), Royal blue (RB)

    Size: from XS to 5XL

    Before making the purchase, we advise you to contact us to communicate us of the number of pieces, sizes and logos required.