Thermal Interface Materials  

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Our TM solderable conductive adhesive products are rapid cure, self-filling, self-leveling, and self-soldering adhesives, which can be used as die attach adhesives for LED, CSP, QFP, etc., to replace conductive adhesives (Ag) or solder materials such as solder paste or preform. In comparison to conductive adhesives (Ag), TM products have higher electrical and thermal conductivity. 
In comparison to soldering materials, our solderable adhesives eliminate outgassing from soldering processes, eliminate die skewing and shifting, and eliminate solder bleeding.

This soldered interface is encapsulated with a 3D polymer network after curing, allowing it to tolerate harsh environmental conditions.

Our TGP reactive thermal grease products form a very thin BLT eliminating micro bubbles at the rough interface when applied. In service time, the products cure to form a thermal gel or thermal pad with the performance of a thermal phase change material.
Our TCA products cure at low temperatures and offer excellent adhesion strength to copper, aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, and most plastics.
Our TEC products are thermally conductive and anisotropically electrically conductive.
During the curing process, this material can obtain a conductivity that is equal in magnitude to that of the metal surface.


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