Are you looking for a product with the same characteristics as the Kapton and which meets the NADCAP standard? We offer you the high temperature ESD crepe paper.

Kapton is used for various applications; masking of boards before wave soldering, holding thermocouples when making thermal profiles, protection of components during repairs, etc.

However, to ensure a good temperature resistance, the adhesive used is silicone-based, which can generate problems of adhesion of the varnish and is recently banned by NADCAP.


In order to respond to these problems we offer you a high temperature ESD crepe paper with an acrylic based adhesive.

Max. temperature: 200°C (270°C peak)

Electrostatic discharge properties:

- Surface resistance : 10^6-10^9 ohms ;

- Static charge during unwinding: less than 100 Volts.

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