Dots Kapton ESD

Masking of the cards before wave soldering, maintenance of thermocouples during the production of thermal profiles, electrical insulation for the transformer, motor, coil, capacitor etc.

Temperature : 290°C max

Diameter from 3 to 10mm: 10,000 dots per roll

Diameter from 10: 5,000 dots per roll (other dimensions or formats available on request)

Adhesion (N / 25mm): 5 to 6

Surface resistance: 106 -109 Ohms


Color : amber


KD803H is a polyamide film, coated with a silicone adhesive with extremely low electrostatic discharge properties.

Dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Resistant to chemicals.

Excellent resistance against heat, cold, solvent and tension.

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KD 803 03

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